Evangelistic Outreach




Our 2017 Crusade last Saturday was very, very powerful.  The presence of the Holy Spirit could be felt through-out the Riverfront Park in Pottstown, PA.

My son who has struggled with addiction for 30 years and is finally free and on fire for the Lord gave his testimony. The attendees were truly moved as he spoke of his up hill battle which ranged from marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin to fentanyl.  How he overdosed 7 times and was revived by Narconon.  He told of his repeated times in rehabs, a total of 15, but it was only the Power of God that set him free.  His testimony gave hope to many, that there is hope and freedom if you truly trust God completely.                                                                                               I can attest to the fact that he is truly a different man.  One that I am proud to call my son.

Our Keynote Speaker Rev. M. Isaiah Jones, a very anointed man of God and a dynamic speaker gave a very powerful message.  He spoke about his life of addiction and how His mother prayed for him when he was in his addiction and how powerful her prayers were.  He spoke about how angry and  volatile he was during that phase of his life.                                                                                                If anyone other than he himself would have said that, I would not have believed it.  Rev. Jones is one of the most gentle, kind and loving people I have ever known.

He spoke about how He got sick and tired of being sick and tired and how his sister, who stood by him through-out his addiction, took him to Teen Challenge in CT.  She even bought him clothes to wear so he would look decent when he got there.   He had lost so much weight he had nothing that fit him.

When speaking to his sister after the message, she said she stood by her brother because she knew the man that was on the inside.  She said their father who pastored a church, groomed him.                                                                                     To hear the stories of the old man, just as with my own son is a true manifestation of the power of God.

After giving his testimony Rev. Jones gave a powerfully anointed message about time being our most valuable commodity. He stated that the date we were born, we had no control of that, that date we die, we have no control of that. All we have control of is the dash between those dates.  It’s what we do with the time in the dash that matters. At the end he reiterated the importance of time and how important it is what we do with it.  He spoke about up-grading the dash.  I am not even going to try to quote the entire message because I can’t but, I am upgrading my dash.

This was our 9th Crusade and we have never before received so much positive feedback over any Keynote speaker we have ever had.  Believe me, they have all been good.                                                                                                                           God really used Rev. Jones, he was flowing under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and his message was extremely powerful and went deep into the hearts of all in attendance.  I truly wish you all would have been there.  It was an awesome day!

God was truly glorified!



Remember Rev. Rick Dodridge’s statement…… “Addiction is suicide on the layaway plan”.

Another Rev. Dodridge statement…”No one says, I want to grow up to be a drug addict”.
Help us to help them find a way out of the life of addiction.

Let us together, end this layaway plan!